Customise your apparel with our range of personalisation options. This is just a sample of what we can achieve if you have a specific requirement please contact us to talk about your requirements and obtain a no obligation quote.

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Free design service

At Dynamic Apparel, we offer a completely free in-house design service for the customisation of your apparel. We have a talented team of graphic designers that will work with you to understand your customisation requirements and bring your ideas to life.

When you place an order with us, our team will work with you to determine exactly what customisation you require and then create an initial draft mockup of how this will look. If you require, we can also create and send you a sample of the customised product.

From here, we will work with you to get your design just right before production.


Tried and tested! If you’re looking for a cost effective, versatile way to customise a garment then embroidery is a great way to go. We offer a highly customisable embroidery solution to our customers.

Embroidery involves stitching thread onto a garment to replicate your logo or chosen artwork. Embroidery is commonly used on polo shirts, jackets, hats, caps and many other products, providing a long lasting solution for uniforms where daily use is a consideration.

Embroidery is very versatile, washes well, can be ironed and retains it’s colour over very long periods of time, ensuring that your branding remains prominent and vibrant for years to come.


The most common places to add embroidery includes but is not limited to the chest, shoulders or back of the neck (Often called the yolk) Whilst these are the most common, we can also embroider other areas such as sleeves and on caps we can brand any panel and even the peak on many caps and beanies.

Quality & Feel

Despite being cost effective, embroidery still has a premium look and feel. You can feel the stitching of your logo or emblem and most designs even complex ones are faithfully reproduced.


Pricing on embroidery goes by stitch count. In simple terms this means that the larger your embroidered design the higher the cost, however prices only vary slightly and embroidery is still one of the most cost effective decoration methods today.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great customisation option if you are looking to customise a larger area of your garment, such as a full front or back print. We offer screen printing on a huge array of clothing and headwear items.

Screen Printing involves applying ink to a garment through a stencil to replicate your chosen pattern or design. Screen printing is commonly used on tops, t-shirts, jackets and jumpers.

Screen Printing is best suited for designs that feature block colours and bold shapes.

We can screen print up to 5 colours to a single print area. This means that most multi colour logos and designs are possible.


The most common place that our customers choose to place their design are on the front and back of a garment, however we can also screen print your design on other parts of garments. Some more specialist options include sleeve, collar and even the inside of the garment.

Quality & Feel

Screen print sits just on top of the garment and is generally soft to touch. Screen printing provides bold, quality colours that stand out with super crisp detail. We offer the full range of Pantone colours to our customers for brand conformity.


Pricing for screen prints vary depending on the type of garment, number of print locations and number of colours to be printed. Contact us below to get a custom screen printing quote.

PVC Badges

PVC badges are a great fun way to customise your apparel by adding your logo or branding. We can create PVC badges in-house for a wide range of our apparel.

PVC badges are completely made to order and our team will design, produce and then attach to your garments before arranging final delivery.

PVC badges are non toxic, long lasting and offer great colour vibrance. When produced in larger quantities, they are also inexpensive.

Talk to us about your design requirements and let our team create a no obligation design preview prior to production.


The most common places to add PVC badges to your garments include the chest, shoulders and back, however we can place PVC badges in most other areas of your garments too.

Quality & Feel

PVC badges are a soft rubber that last for years. They are highly resistant to colour fading through daily washing and general wear.


Pricing for PVC badges depends on the size and complexity of the design that you’re looking to achieve. Contact us below to get a custom quote for your PVC badges.

Full Colour Transfer

People sometimes think full colour transfer and they think of those old iron on decals available from art & craft stores. However in recent years heat transfer technology has really come a long way.

Heat transfer offers full colour print options with the speed of screen printing with some items being available for dispatch in as little as 3 days from order approval.

Heat transfer is the perfect meeting point of the colour flexibility of dye sublimation with the crisp and clean lines of screen print.


Heat transfer can be applied to most area of a garment including the chest, sleeve, the back of the beck (also called the yolk) and on caps and hats any panel can accept a heat transfer print.

Quality & Feel

The print is raised slightly and is bonded to the garment. Unlike traditional iron on transfers these prints are long lasting and will retain the new look and feel for thousands of washes.


Pricing for full colour transfer is available from our team. Pricine may varie based on size, shape and complexity of your logo or emblem. Contact our team for a rapid quote and a no obligation artwork proof.

Dye Sublimation

Another vibrant full colour printing option dye sublimation clothing and apparel is completely made to order.

From the beginning material panels are printed flat using dye sublimation heat technology and then sewn together.

Features include full edge to edge printing and colour gradients and photographic image reproduction that would otherwise not be possible using other print methods.


Dye sublimation is printed fully edge to edge meaning that print areas and specific locations need not apply! We can print anything, anywhere in any array of colours at no additional cost.

Quality & Feel

Dye sublimation is smooth and the print is dyed in to the material so it can’t be felt and has no texture apart from the smooth polyester material of the item.


Let us know your quantity required along with any specific design requirements for a no obligation written quote and a free artwork proof emailed in minutes.

Sew On Patches

Sewn patches are another brilliant way of branding caps, polo shirts and other heavier weighted materials. Patches are especially popular on jackets and hooded sweaters too.

We can offer all of our branding options within the patch including embroidered patches, dye sublimation and heat transfer patches which are then attached to the garment.

We also offer PU and geniuine leather patches as well as PVC patches which can be found above.


Patches can be sewn to any area (space permitting) and our patches can be placed on caps, jackets, polo shirts and more. Many of our clients choose to place the patch on the front left chest area.

Quality & Feel

Patches are an older more traditional branding solution. They have a premium feel and last for years on any garment. The hemmed (Or “merrowed” edge looks fantastic on any clothing item.


Let us know your quantity required along with any specific design requirements for a no obligation written quote and a free artwork proof emailed in minutes.